High Speed Disperser

Stainless steel High Speed Disperser emulsifying machine / Electronic Lifting Disperser

high speed disperser machine use stepless speed:such as Electromagnetic coupling, frequency control of motor speed,( such as used for coating )and explosion-proof variable frequency speed regulation (such as for oily coating), and other forms. Stepless speed regulation function can fully meet the technological process of different process requirement, can choose different according to different stages of process speed, speed can be adjusted (0-1440 r/min).

In all of the impeller, the tooth chip high-speed dispersion machine use the highest speed, usually its rotating speed is 500-500 r/min.
In low viscosity fluid, leaf size and the ratio of the tank diameter (d/d) of 0.25 to 0.25, with the increase of the viscosity, the diameter, but not more than 0.5 d/d.Viscosity scope is: < 50 pa. S.But high-speed dispersion machine for crystal package integrity materials shall not apply to the high demand.

Hydraulic Lifting High Speed Disperser custom made for fine chemicals

Hydraulic lifting disperser is to achieve mixing, dispersing, dis agglomerating & dissolving functions to make different viscous products. The highly rotating disc exerts a strong shear, impact, crush forces to quickly mixer, dissolve, disperse and grind materials. It is widely used in paint, ink, dyestuff, printing ink, color paste, fine chemicals etc. industry.