Drum Flaker Machine


  • DRUM FLAKER are used to convert molten products into solid in to  continuous operation. Molten feed adheres on to the outer surface of rotating drum through feed tray / applicator Roller. To avoid solidification of feed melt on the tray, it is provided with limpet coil or jacketed provision to maintain the heating by steam, thermic fluid or hot water. Drum is internally cooled by spraying chilled / cooling water through spray nozzles. To avoid leakage of cooling water medium,  PTFE rope or Mechanical Seal is provided for rotary joint. The product solidifies and after completion of rotation of drum scrapped off the drum surface to form flakes.
  • Cooling drums and other feed contact parts: They can be decided as per constituent  properties of feed product & choice of end user. In case of process requirement the cooling drum can be chrome plated.
  • Material of construction of contact parts:Carbon steel, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316 L , others upon request
  • Cooling Drum Sizes: 0.5 Sq.Mtr to 30 Sq.Mtr.
  • Type of Feed Mechanisms:

Single Drum Flaker- Bottom Dip Feed

Single Drum Flaker- Bottom Applicator Roller

Single Drum Flaker- Overhead Applicator Roller

Double Drum Flaker- Nip Feed (others upon request)

  • Scrapper Blade arrangement: Manual hand wheel / Pneumatic / Hydraulics
  • Scrapper Blade MOC: Hylam, Phosphor Bronze, Magnesium Bronze, Brass , Food Grade Teflon and others
  • Product Collection: Post solidification of the feed material the flakes can be collected via product collection chute or hopper or gets discharged via lump breaker /screw conveyor discharge outlet which can be  directly  filled into drums orbags.
  • Compliance: We can manufacture the drum flaker equipment as per GMP and Food grade compliant in case specific requirement from customer.

Drum flaker Machine

Item No.
Motor Power
hot Barrel speed
Size (mm)
DZ-1 600×600 2.2-3 0.3-15 2400 1480 1410
DZ-2 800×1200 3-5.5 0.3-15 3360 2000 1600
DZ-4.5 1200×1200 5.5-7.5 0.3-15 3730 2250 2050
DZ-7.5 1400×1800 5.5-11 0.3-15 4460 2460 2350
DZ-9 1600×1800 7.5-15 0.3-15 4460 2600 2550
DZ-22 2300×3000 11-18.5 0.3-15 7200 3900 2350


About Cooling system:
To congeal a molten product the crystallization heat of the product must be removed. This is transferred via the drum flaker’s wall. The heat is relayed via the drum body to the cooling agent, which is usually water. The cooling water is sprayed with a special spray pattern against the inside of the drum using a central spray pipe.
Reaction Vessel
Reaction VesselStainless Steel Chemical reaction Vessel